Undergravel Heating.

	How about this...just an idea....
	use airline tubing under the gravel...make a little
	network type thang..with suction thangs and the
	airline tubing...u know.stick em to the
	bottom of the tank....
	Get a container (5 G tank/bucket) fill it with water..
	throw in a heater. Put a powerhead in it...plug in the
	airline tubing into the output of the powerhead...
	the other end of the tubing goes back into the bucket.
	Warm water circulating under the gravel would work wouldnt
	Cost? 	Powerhead $12.00
		Airline tubing 10 c /foot.
		heater    $7.00

		Under $20.00 ....cheaper than all that other stuff.
	I dunno....whaddya'all think?

	- Ghazanfar Khan Ghori