Admin: Deleting users with unreliable email

Hi folks,

Recently, our automated mail server at actwin.com has been
encountering a lot of errors when it mails out the Aquatic Plant
Digest.  The bulk of these are from a few individuals with poor
Internet connectivity.  This problem is bound to increase as the
mailing list becomes larger (we are currently at 270+).

I have no option but to become more aggressive about removing people
from the mailing list if email cannot be reliably delivered to them.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  I won't be able to
notify those I delete individually, because if our mail server cannot
deliver mail, my email probably won't get through, either.

Of course, the people I unsubscribe are more than welcome to re-join
the list after their email problems are resolved.  Those who suspect
they have been removed from the list can send the message
                         which [user@address]
to majordomo at actwin_com and the MLM software will reply with the
list of mailing lists to which user@address.

Back to growing aquatic plants.

Shaji Bhaskar
Shaji Bhaskar                                              bhaskar at bnr_ca
BNR, 35 Davis Dr., RTP, NC 27709, USA                      (919) 991 7125