Re: snails & NZ plants

Is there anyone out there who knows where I can buy the burrowing snails
or is willing to sell me some?  I live in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Len Trigg,

Thank you so much for starting up the discussion of NZ plants on the list.
It started up a day after I had sent an email message to George Booth
saying I can't wait to return to New Zealand & go looking for some
lileaopsis novea-zelandiae.  Now I have even more reasons to hurry up &
finish my PhD & get home to New Zealand.  

Also, thank you Claus Christensen for mentioning the book on NZ aquatic
plants.  I will be ordering it as soon as I get home (I assume it will
be cheaper to buy it in NZ, especially since I will be working for the
same organization that published it!).


P.S.  Brandon, what's your water chemistry like?  Try to figure out
why your old plants died before you add any new ones.  Or maybe your
silver dollars just ate them all?!