Re: Newbie questions

>Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 12:00:24 +0100
>To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>From: bneubauer at mps_org (Bob Neubauer)
>Subject: Newbie Questions
>*  Does anyone have recommendations on aquatic plant magazines or books?
>(I haven't been able to find anything locally that was both thorough and

If I had to buy one book, I'd get Barry James's "A Fishkeeper's Guide to 
Aquarium Plants".  The next down the line would be Horst and Kipper's
"The Optimum Aquarium".  And the third would be Rataj and Horemen's
"Aquarium Plants".

The FAQ for the aquaria newsgroups is free, and contains a lot of
great information.  Also, take a look at Erik Olson's Web pages (URL

>*  In particular I'm looking for info on plants that do well at higher
>temps (84=B0 - discus tank)

If your tank conditions are good, temperatures of 85-90F are not a
problem with most aquarium plants.

>*  And lastly-  any suggestions on plant suppliers?  Insight on mail order?
>(I'm a little hesitant to purchase anything that I can't inspect before
>buying)  Reputable dealers?

I personally don't buy much through the mail - I too like to see what
I am getting.  But when stocking a fairly large tank, one can save a
lot of money buying through the mail. One can also get more variety,
even though mail-order vendors usually don't have everything that they
include in their catalogs.

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