Re: Substrate material and heating.

     Hi all, first time on this list, but I've been lurking for a bit.  I 
     have a few questions for ya...
     I noticed all these posts about wierd plumbing and everything trying 
     to get some water movement through the substrate and started thinking 
     about it (because I was considering trying it).  Here's another idea 
     for ya...  Set up a ten gallon tank underneath the main tank, drop 3 
     or 4 heaters in it, get a small pump to pump the water through some 
     tubing (even airline tubing would do I guess) that is coiled or 
     "snaked" in the substrate.  Make sure the water gets returned to the 
     ten gallon, not the tank.  Voila, instant substrate heating.  Someone 
     please bash a hole in this idea before tomorrow, I might just try it.
     Next...  As a substitute for laterite, will pottery clay work?  Anyone 
     know the composition of it?  Just another thought.
     jkalmes at arcada_com