Glossostigma and NZ Native Species

Subject: Glossostigma and NZ Native Species

Len Trigg write i a mail:

> It also turns out that he presented a paper "New Zealand Native
> Plants For Use In Aquariums And Ponds" at the recent Aquarama in
> Singapore.  He's sent me an electronic copy .....

I was on the Aquarama exhibition in Singapore and was there when
Jon Clayton hold his speech about NZ Native Plants!
It was very interesting! And I am sure that we in the future will
see more aquarium plants with origin of NZ!

And John Clayton write have together with another man person written
a book about New Zeeland's water plants! It is a wonderful book.
I contains a lot of color photo and many of them is underwater
photos from the different biotopes!
For an NZ-Aquarists is it there have interest in water plants
it is "The BOOK"!

.      New Zealand Waterplants
.      B.T Coffey and J.S. Clayton
.      Hamilton: Ruakura Agricultural Centre, 1988
.      ISBN 0-477-08004-9

Len Trigg!!! If you have John Clayton's e-mail-address I will
be happy to have it! Send him also my best regards - I had a good
talk with him at Aquarama Singapore!

Claus Christensen

(Tropica Aquarium Plants, Denmark)