Re: UG snails & CO2 in the biological filter

>> Yes, and they do a great job.  I got some from Jack O`Leary, they eat
>> all the gunk that settles in the substrate, and keep it loose.
>Do they eat plants or roots too? How deep will they go? Sounds like a really
>great idea unless you had vermiculite. Does it still float after it soaks
>for a few weeks I wonder? I wish I could get some of those for my plant tank.
>(no UGF, no heat cables, just gravel)
> - Steve

No, they don't eat plants or roots, but at night they come out and
clean the glass off.  It is pretty amazing the small amount of stuff I
vacuum up when cleaning the substrate.  The best thing about them is
they require no care at all, and multiply quickly.

Rod Preston
rbp at pressco_com