> From: trigg at jane_cs.waikato.ac.nz

> He has heaps of troughs with various types of aquatic plants, and
> he gave me a few samples to try growing.  Among others:  a type
> of native floating fern - Azolla rubra?;

Really high light.  Is this the dark red azolla?  (guessing by the 
name).  I saw that in a California pond store.  Very cool.

> a couple of types of
> Charophytes (a type of macroalgae), one of which has what looks
> like orange buds); a native Potamogeton; a native species of
> Lilaeopsis, L.ruthiana, which has cylindrical, tapering leaves
> (looks heaps cooler than the more flattened leaves of
> L.novae-zelandiae).

...so  the question is, can you send some through the mail to the USA?

> It also turns out that he presented a paper "New Zealand Native
> Plants For Use In Aquariums And Ponds" at the recent Aquarama in
> Singapore.  He's sent me an electronic copy, so if there's
> interest, I could whip it into HTML suitable for putting on the
> Krib.

Please!  Even if you can't put it in HTML, I'll put it up there.  HTML's 
become a second language for me as of late. :)

Great find, Len!

    - Erik

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