Re: George Booth

> David Huie <David.Huie at Bentley_COM> wrote:
> George:
> Nobody, but nobody should be allowed to have that many large tanks 
> with that many species of plants, and as a self-appointed member of 
> the Plant Police, I will be by Saturday sometime to confisgate them in 
> the name of the Proletariat.

Yeah!  Can I be a Plant Police Deputy?  I will help "confisgate", and
I'm sure I could "place" some of them in very reputable homes.  :-)

> You must have an enormous house (and a sturdy foundation) to keep so 
> many large tanks.  [snip]

His house does lean a little.  :-)

> Do you have enough successful growth that 
> you can sell-back to your local store for credit?  [snip]

I'm sure George will tell you, but we have a "good" store that did
buy from George, but they are somewhat resistant to dealing with
anyone other than a large-scale commercial distributor.  I have seen
this first-hand from my own perspective as well.

> I'd love to see what your tanks look like...[snip]

I just happen to live about 15 miles from George's house, and after
incessant begging I managed to invite myself over.  :-)

Actually, I contacted George directly after I had been reading 
*.aquaria for a while, and he was kind enough to invite me over.
I visited his house, and he was very gracious and supportive, and
patiently answered my stupid questions (of which there were many).

And Yes!  His tanks are really that good!  I've admired aquatic tanks
for many years, and I would easily put his in the category "The Best 
I've Seen".

I saw four tanks he is keeping, all packed full of plants and fish.
All four were "big" tanks--?50+ gallons.  The trip was a bit 
overwhelming, so I'm sure George can better tell you what he keeps
than I could.  I saw one tank of primarily rainbow fish, one of
discus, one of angels, and one of assorted others (this I liked the 
best).  All his plants looked to be in excellent health (as did his 
fish), and I saw minimal/no algae or aesthetically displeasing areas.
His fish communities, IMO, were selected with thought and achieve a
good balance with his plants.  His angel fish (scalare), are about 
the biggest I have ever seen and George said they were only 1 year 
old!  They do seem to be happy fish.

I left there wondering what he would do if one of his tanks sprung
a leak!  All his tanks appear to be at capacity, and IMHO, I don't
think he could "accordian" the stock from one of his tanks to the
other three in an emergency situation because he has so much stock!
(Both plants and fish).

Very nice trip.  I highly reccommend it.  Of course, maybe I was a
bit pushy at selecting the date and time he should invite me over, 
becuase he "forgot" to offer me a soda.  :-)

cbay at lookout_ecte.uswc.uswest.com