Algae identification request

I've been struggling with two forms of algae in my two different tanks.
I've read the faq.plant but still could not relate these two algaes to
the algae types listed there.

Could somebody help me identifying these two types of algae and let me know
the remedy ? 

I've tried reducing the period of light in those two tanks to 6 hours per
day for a month with no success. I have otocinclus and siamese algae eater 
(from the Albany Aquarium) in these two tanks but they seem to ignore them.


Suspect #1:
	It's thin long (2 inches) fine dark green strand. It started as indivual
  	strand and when there are quite a few of them, they tangle into a 
	clump. It grows on my Riccia that is tied to rocks (the most favorite		place), on edges of the Amazon sword, and on the intake strainer of the
	Whisper external filter, the sponge of RUGF (when I have the powerhead
	doing RUGF). When I pulled the clumps, I can feel that it
	has some root structure to hold on to the surface that it's growing
	on has a coarse texture. This tank is 20gal with 45 watt of light,
	UGF, pH 6.5, nitrate is undetectable with Tetra kit, don't know about
	phosphate, Dupla fertilization (laterite, tablet, duplaplant 24)

Suspect #2:
	It's thin (a little bit thicker than #1) and it grows on fine leave
	plants such as ambulia. The color is bright green. It also grows as
	tangled long strands but it can be pulled easily. It just slipped off
	the plant. It does not grow on gravel or wide leaf plants. The other 
       	difference is that it has clear slimy coating.This tank is 10 gal 
	with 30 watt  of light, sponge filter, pH 6.5, nitrate is undetectable 
	with Tetra kit, don't know about phosphate, Kent trace elements, 
	Kent Plant Supplement, DuplaRit.