George Booth

     Nobody, but nobody should be allowed to have that many large tanks 
     with that many species of plants, and as a self-appointed member of 
     the Plant Police, I will be by Saturday sometime to confisgate them in 
     the name of the Proletariat.
     You must have an enormous house (and a sturdy foundation) to keep so 
     many large tanks.  My puny 40 gallon packed with c. wendtii, c. 
     affinis, c. wilissi, e. osiris, and e. parviforus must look horribly 
     diminuative in comparison.  Do you have enough successful growth that 
     you can sell-back to your local store for credit?  My tank hasn't 
     gotten quite full enough to reach that measure of successful growth, 
     but I imagine your large tanks may make that a viable option.
     I'd love to see what your tanks look like--especially what your 
     varieties of c. wendtii look like--they are so morphologically 
     different from tank to tank.  I'm going to try to scan in the 35mm 
     shot I have of my tank and upload it to the web site 
     (http://www.actwin.com/fishaquatic-plants).  It's a neat way to trade 
     photo albums.
     I'm sort of surprised that you've had success keeping echonidorus 
     species and anubias together successfully since they have such 
     significantly different light requirements.  Whenever I try to keep 
     the two together, the anubias turn into brush algae forrests--even 
     with my SAEs hard at work.  I love Anubias, nana, coffeeafolia, 
     lanceolata, and barteri (plus a few I haven't identified) are in a 
     seperate tank, but I can't keep them in my 40 gallon where I have 80 
     watts of flourescents and 80 watts of halogens (incandescents)...of 
     course the cryptocorynes aren't real fond of the high light level, 
     either...but then I've kept them under the echonidorus canopy for the 
     most part to lower the light level.
     Have you experienced the cryptocoryne phenomena of having fine 
     rootlets growing back out of the ground--does this mean the substrate 
     is too compacted?
     Inquiring minds want to know.