"Root Activator"

I wrote:

> > > Dupla provides a tablet to mix with their laterite when first placed
> > > in the tank and perhaps this has the same effect.
> > 
Bob wrote:

> > I thought that tablet was a hormone(?) to stimulate root development.

George wrote:

> I thought the tablets were typical houseplant fertilizers with N, P
> and K to supplement the system until the normal levels of N, P and K
> are established through feeding and fertilizing and pulled into the
> substrate via the convection currents set up by the cables. 
I think it may be both. I can't say for certain because the package just 
calls it the "root activator" so all I can do is assume. Seems logical to 
include both and it also seemed logical to me to try to occupy the 
exchange sights in the clay with useful cations. Should work for laterite 
or any other clay.

Brad L.