Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #122

> From: Peter Konshak <pkonshak at fiat_gslis.utexas.edu>
> Subject: African biotype tank

> That's about all I can come up with.  Can anyone think of any more?  
> Amano refers to a plant called Kurinam on page 62 of _Nature Aquarium 
> World_, but I can't find anything called Kurinam in any of my books (ie, 
> James, Rataj, etc).  Anyone know what this is, or even which one it is in 
> the picture?  Thanks,

Hee hee.  Try saying it real fast and it'll be like those 3-D magic eye
pictures.  When I was in Japan a few years ago, I had lots of fun 
translating the plant names from Katakana in a little brochure (I may 
scan it someday). "Haigurofira", "Rotara", etc..

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