Re: "Kurinam" from Amano's book

Peter Konshak asks:
> Amano refers to a plant called Kurinam on page 62 of _Nature Aquarium 
> World_, but I can't find anything called Kurinam in any of my books (ie, 
> James, Rataj, etc).  Anyone know what this is, or even which one it is in 
> the picture?  Thanks,

Although this is a great book, it does not have the best translation. 
Afterall, it is by TFH! But we shouldn't complain too much since the 
price is only $29.95 retail in the U.S. compared to 6900 Yen ($69, last 
year) for the original edition in Japan.

With the help of AGA member Yukio Asaoka, I published the proper 
translations in Volume 8 no. 1 of The Aquatic Gardener with my review 
article of the book.
Here is the translations of the plant names:

"First, the book discusses some plants for which the Japanese name is 
used. Two are plants native to Japan.  On page 48, the plant 'amamo' is
mentioned.  This is a sea plant that looks like Sagittaria.  On page 50,
'mizuoobako' is discussed.  This is a lotus plant, native to Japan. Next
there are some which are more commonly known.  On page 51, 'tanukimo' is
Utricularia (bladderwort).  On page 62 & 166, the plant called 'Kurinam'
is Crinum natans (African onion plant)."