African biotype tank

I'm thinking about using a spare tank to start up an African biotype 
tank.  I've been trading in my cuttings and babies and have managed to 
collect some Anubias, including A. nana, A. barteri, and A. lancelota (I 
think).  I'm looking for suggestions on other sorts of plants to 
include.  Some I have considered:

Crinum thianum (Onion plant) - A high light plant?  Don't know much else.
Bolbitis heudelotii - Looks nice, but I've never seen it in stores or on 
                      price lists.
Nymphaea lotus - Tiger lilly.

That's about all I can come up with.  Can anyone think of any more?  
Amano refers to a plant called Kurinam on page 62 of _Nature Aquarium 
World_, but I can't find anything called Kurinam in any of my books (ie, 
James, Rataj, etc).  Anyone know what this is, or even which one it is in 
the picture?  Thanks,


Peter Konshak
pkonshak at fiat_gslis.utexas.edu