Re: GH vs KH and pH

On Sun, 11 Jun 1995 15:39:04 -0400 you wrote:
>My tank:
>37g, 5.5pH, KH 0ppm, GH 107ppm (according to Tetra test kit).
>Water changes are done using distilled water 'fortified' with Aquarium
>Pharmaceuticals "pH Adjuster" and "ElectroRight".  Needless to say, I can't
>seem to raise my pH above 5.5 no matter how much pH Adjuster I add. I 
>imagine this has to do with the lack of KH. So, herein lie my questions:

What kind of fish do you have?  They might like 5.5 (but I doubt it).
Need to know if they can tolerate some Ca.

If you just add distilled water to your tank, the pH would normally
drift closer to neutral (if you were making up for water changes or
splashing) or stay the same (if you were making up for evap).  As it
is you are adding chemicals, something I would NOT recommend until you
understand what is going on.
What is in your tank?  What fish, plants, gravel, filter(s)?  What
happens if
you stop adding junk and just change water?  The 5.5 is almost
certainly too low.   Dave
Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA      gomberg at wcf_com