Trace element supplementation


 >> I have another question for Karen (since you're using the Dupla stuff): do
you add the daily drops in the morning or evening? Does it matter? <<

 I add the Dupla drops in the evening for a very scientific reason.  That's
when my kids are in bed, and I can observe the fish in peace as I feed them. 
I can most easily remember to use the drops if I do it at the same time I

 I am sure that George is right that it would be est to supplement at the
beginning of the photoperiod, when the plants have the most opportunity to
utilize them, but I'm _SURE_ it's more important to supply trace elements on a
regular schedule, than to use it in the morning when (if) I remember it.<g>

 >>  Subject: Re: Tropica plants <<


 >> Tropica has a franchise in California, Horizon Growers <<

 Horizon has the right to use Tropica's system of growing hydroponic plants,
and under some conditions to use the Tropica name, but Tropica has no direct
control over the practices of Horizon Growers.  As you noticed, they use
neither Tropica pots nor Tropica care and identification labels.

 >> we received only "others".  If you want something specific, "you have to
ask for it" <<

 It's nice to know that you _can_ ask for specific plants... the last thing
I'd want is 12 "assorted plants", particularly from a company which foists so
many non-aquatic plants off on the unsuspecting public.

 They may say that these plants are meant for terrarium use, but if the plants
are not identified, come without care instructions, and are found submerged in
pet store tanks, it's hard to blame beginners for being taken in.

 >> Good quality plants, though, even though they weren't ID'd. <<

 I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience with their plants.  I've
heard from a number of people who were less satisfied.

 Sorry if I sound negative, but I have a problem with a company that suggests
that their plants come with their own ? month food supply.  Sure.  And just
watch what happens to the phosphate level in the tank when the unsuspecting
purchaser puts the plant and pot into their tank.

 Claus Christensen of Tropica specifically says that the purpose of the pots
and rockwool are to serve as a growing medium and as protection for the plants
during shipment. The plants should be removed from the pots and rockwool
before being placed in the aquarium.

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 08-Jun-1995