Archives of the aquatic plant mailing list

FYI, every email message sent to this list is archived.  

The archives are available from ftp.actwin.com by anonymous FTP.  Look
in the directory pub/aquaria/aquatic-plants for flat files containing
month-by-month archives including the current month's discussions.

A WWW version is also available if you like to point and click.  The
URL is http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants.  The WWW version is
organized by subject and author name of individual email messages.
(Plug: the WWW archives really depend on descriptive subject lines to
be useful.  So I encourage everyone to take the time to make sure to
edit the subject line whenever needed.)

Both the FTP and WWW archives are updated automatically when a message
is delivered to aquatic-plants at actwin_com.

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