Re:Heat coils: too much heat?

     cbay at lookout_ecte.uswc.uswest.com
     >I had thought that it would also be a good way to do CO2 injection 
     >right into the substrate, but I now think that if I keep the 
     >flow-rate low (like I think it should be), I won't be able to get 
     >enough PPM CO2 injected into the substrate.  
     I'm sure others will point this out as well, but CO2 is used only by 
     the leaves, and then only when the lights are on.  Photosynthesis is 
     the process whereby the carbon in carbon dioxide is "fixed" into 
     organic compounds for use by the plant.  The energy provided by light 
     is used to drive the process.  When the lights are off, plants respire 
     (and use oxygen) as animals do.
     Bob Hoesch
     National Fish & Wildlife Forensics Laboratory
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