Re: Under-tank heating coils.

On Wednesday, 7 June 1995, George Booth wrote:

> I do know for a fact, though, that 1,254,564,978 can dance on the head
> of a pin :-).

1,354,790,013 MIL-STD-7071 angels arranged in a hexagonal grid on a 1mm dia.
garment pin in accordance with RFC-9984.

I get pedantic when speculation on my part (about the possible
equivalency between under-tank heating and substrate heating coils)
gets vehemently refuted with what turns out to be more speculation
cloaked in science and engineering terminology.

Some people are going through a lot of trouble to design DIY substrate
heating systems.  I imagine they might be rather ticked off if they found out
later that they could have achieved comparable results with a simple
and inexpensive under-tank heater.  From this thread it would seem that
there is no definitive answer at the moment.
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