Re: 19ga insulated NiChrome heating cablees 0.5 ohms/ft

In rec.aquaria you write:

>I have found a source for insulated NiChrome 60 wire.  This wire
>has a PFE teflon jacket which has excellant water, temperature, 
>and abrasion characteristics.  This wire has a resistance of 
>0.5 ohms/ft and to make a 50 watt heater would require 21 ft.
>I had to buy $50 (200ft)to make a minimum anybody interested in 
>buying any ($10-$20)please contact me mk at delphi-int_org 

I'd be interested in this.  I've also forwarded your mail to the
Aquatic Plants list, as there are others on this list who would also
probably be interested.

   - Erik
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