Re: slime in filter sponge

> From: u7211aa at sunmail_lrz-muenchen.de (Michael Irlbeck)
> By the way, my 1.5 kg CO2 bottle was empty yesterday, which means it
> lasted about one month. Is this good or bad?

We get about 8-9 weeks on a 5 pound bottle (~2.3 kg) so your
consumption seems about right.  We get 4-5 months on a 10 pound bottle
and 12-15 months on a 20 pound bottle.  The different bottles are on
different tanks, so usage varies a bit.  

> I have another question for Karen (since you're using the Dupla
> stuff): do you add the daily drops in the morning or evening? Does it
> matter? I don't have a description.

We add the drops in the morning so the iron and trace elements are
available during the day for photosynthesis.  Iron tends to oxidize
and become unavailable to the plants after a time, which is why Dupla
has "daily" drops.  If you added them at night, some would be lost
before the plants could use it the next day.

BTW, we have always used Duplagan water conditioner at water changes.
Does anybody else use it?  It supposedly has humic acids (like peat
water. to help chelate trace elements) and some nutrients that may
beneficial to plants.  

Another BTW.  Pet Warehouse mentioned that with the weakness of the
dollar, the prices of German products will rise soon.  I don't know if
this is true or not, but we just bought a years worth of Dupla stuff
from Daleco at the "old" prices.