Re: Sand/gravel

On Wed, 7 Jun 1995 03:39:02 -0400 you wrote:
>     I have used fine sand (as opposed to gravel) as a substrate for years. 
>     2.  Right now the substrate in my tank is almost a solid mass of 
>     roots.  Impossible to pull anything out without disrupting the entire 
>     tank.  Large Echinodorus have roots from one end of the tank to the 
>     other.  Growth slows down after a while except in the very well rooted 
>     plants, which continue to flourish.  I have a some gorgeous sword 
>     plants (E. osiris. E. bleheri,  E. martii, E. uruguayensis) which 
>     still produce new leaves every few days.  It seems that new plants 
>     don't adapt well.  Inflexibility

I wonder about compromise here.  I have tried "aquarium" #2, 3, 4 of
gravel (these are the commercial size markings on the bags, #2 is
about 2mm).

This sounds more like the sand that is used in concrete, I have used
that too but it packed on me a lot.  Maybe we could get a bunch of
different sizes and try them?   Or????
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