Re: slime in filter sponge


>I used Seachems phosphate free acid buffer & then peat (much much much more
>effective) to reduce pH.

 I would definitely go with either RO water or peat to reduce pH in
the future.
I assume you mean peat being much more effective than the Seachem

I'm watching the slime closely. It's also on some the roots of the
Limnobium floating plants and in the trickle filter, but not bad. My
pH now is between 7.10 and 7.15. The stuff is really ugly. What do you
think - algae or bacteria?

By the way, my 1.5 kg CO2 bottle was empty yesterday, which means it
lasted about one month. Is this good or bad?

I have another question for Karen (since you're using the Dupla
stuff): do you add the daily drops in the morning or evening? Does it
matter? I don't have a description.