>> Does anyone know of a source for name, rockwool potted, crypts?... I've
been able to obtain unnamed, potted ones from my local fish store and they are
flourishing, so I don't think that the problem is with the tank but with
transplant shock. Any suggestions? <<

 Sorry, the only source I know for properly ID'd potted plants is Tropica, and
they are not sold in the U.S.

 I think, though, that part of the answer may not be the fact that they are
potted, but the species you are buying. Most of the potted "generic Crypts"
I've seen offered for sale seem to be varieties of C. wendtii.  This is
probably the toughest, easiest to grow Crypt, whether it is potted or not.  I
haven't worked with C. petchii, but it has taken me a couple of years to
finally establish a growing colony of C. balansae.

 Your note leads me to believe that this is a newly established tank.  It
often takes a period of months until a new tank becomes really stable, and
until it does, you are likely to have trouble with any but the hardiest

 Subject: Re: Flying Fox


 >> Does anybody know where to find a real Flying Fox
 from here? I'd like to add one of those aggressive bastards to my collection
of Garrinae fishes but haven't seen them in Finland for  3-4 years. <<

 Sorry, I'm not European, but I have to stand up for one of my favorite fish. 
I think the aggressive tendencies of "real" Flying Foxes is highly over rated.
They may not be very good as algae eaters, but I have kept them for years
without any major aggression.  I _do_ keep them in large (48") tanks so they
have room to diffuse their territorial behavior, but I have never seen so much
as a split fin from them, and all the sparring that goes on is with
conspecifics, or very similar fish.  I think they are elegant creatures worthy
of keeping in their own right. (I'll climb down off my soap box now!<g>)

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 05-Jun-1995