Re:(#105) 15 Gal. "designer" tank

>From: Shinji Egi <egi at hpycla_kobe.hp.com>
>Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 11:41:38 JST
>Subject: Re:(#105) 15 Gal. "designer" tank
>Peter Staehling wrote:
>> I have a space in my office too small to put most tanks that will just fit
>> a "15 gal designer tank".(13.5"wide X 13.5"long X 22"tall)  I would 
>> like any suggestions for plants and fish for a weird shaped tank like this.
>My suggestions are:
>  Hygrophylla polysperma
>  Bacopa carolineana
>  Ludwisia repens
>  Vallisneria
>  Anubias nana (fixed to a thin driftwood and stood up)
>  Microsorium  (          - same as above -           )

Other plants worth considering are crypts - C. balansae and C.
retrospiralis in particular.  They grow quite long, have narrow
leaves, don't multiply too quickly, and require only moderate

As far as fish are concerned - how about a few killifish - Aphyosemion
gardneri are colorful and not too "ordinary".

>- - Shinji

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