Re: Trying clay balls with FeSO4.

> As someone who wants to do things right but who's always ready to save
> a buck, I'm wondering whether it would work to buy plain undyed modeling
> clay and some ferric sulfate, mix the ferric sulfate in the clay, form
> it into little balls, let it dry, then plug them into the substrate?
>    What do you all thing (I mean think)?
> Steve Black
> blacks at rosnet_strose.edu

I tried your idea in my 45 gallon tank using chelated iron. What a mess. 
Clay in with 2" sand covered with fine gravel.  Everytime I pull a plant
up out of the substrate I get a big cloud of gray clay that stays
suspended in the water for days. I highy recommend not trying it.  The
plants in the tank are growing well though.