Re:(#105) 15 Gal. "designer" tank

(How about a subject line like this?)

Peter Staehling wrote:
>    I have a space in my office too small to put most tanks that will just fit
> a "15 gal designer tank".(13.5"wide X 13.5"long X 22"tall)  I would like any 
> suggestions for plants and fish for a weird shaped tank like this.  

My suggestions are:
  Hygrophylla polysperma
  Bacopa carolineana
  Ludwisia repens
  Anubias nana (fixed to a thin driftwood and stood up)
  Microsorium  (          - same as above -           )

These are doing so so, in my by far smaller (10"x 8"x 14" ?) desk-top aquarium
with rather low (6W x2) lighting.  (I also have to add lights to get better
growth.  Rotala grows green in this tank. :( )

I believe you should be able to keep a couple of dwarf cichlids and a school
of tetras, plus some algae eating fish and corydoras.

- Shinji