CO2 into denitrator?

After Dave's (CryptDude) post last week saying how inefficient powerheads
are for dissolving CO2 I'm wondering about putting CO2 into my denitrator.
I had rigged up a yeast+sugar bottle about two weeks ago that intially
increased my CO2 to 20 ppm in my 125 gal tank via a powerhead but over
the last week it's been steady at about 15 ppm.  I currently have four
yeast+sugar bottles on that tank & I'm looking for a more efficient
distribution method.  Three bottles are on Tetra diffusion chambers.

I have an Aquarium Products denitrator which is fed by my other powerhead
so I'm thinking of putting CO2 into that since it will then go through
a coil, over some bioballs & have a better distribution possibkly.

The only thing I'm worried about is the CO2 killing the denitrating bacteria.
I don't know how much the denitrator is really doing since I have a ton
of plants & nitrates are constantly between zero & 4 ppm (no algae :-).

Anybody see anything wrong with putting the CO2 through the denitrator?