Re: Modeling clay with ferric sulphate

Steve Black wrote: 

>As someone who wants to do things right but who's always ready to save
>a buck, I'm wondering whether it would work to buy plain undyed modeling
>clay and some ferric sulfate, mix the ferric sulfate in the clay, form
>it into little balls, let it dry, then plug them into the substrate?
>   What do you all thing (I mean think)?

It will gain the undying enmity of those who get a huge markup on 
"tropical laterite" if it works. Be sure to use the water-based potter's 
clay, for the oil-based stuff the kids use won't dry and would make a 
mess in the tank.

I hope someone tries it and reports back here with the results. I am too 
happy with my USFs to mess with success, so it won't be me. Sounds like a 
neat idea, tho.