Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #102

>From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com (Stephen Pushak)
>Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 19:30:44 PDT
>Subject: Re: Newbie Question(s)

>> Ok, here's the deal - I started my first tank two months ago knowing
>> absolutly nothing.  
>>       * 10 Gal. Tank
>You're still not hooked yet. Later on you'll become a 27 gal user, 49 and
>then when the habit is insatiable, you'll be upto 100+ gallons. ;-)
Actually, I am already drawing up plans to add about 10 more 10 gallons and
some 20 talls (8-10) into one Pet-store like system.  (central filtration,
don't know what quite yet) and lighting (using the 48" 2 bulb shoplight
fixtures I have now).  THEN it will be on to the 'BIG ONE'.  Already eating
up about 50% of my income (thank God I am a live-at-home student...)

>>       * UGF/RUGF (1 plate has the standard uplift with a carbon filter, the
>> other plate
>Most plant people don't use carbon much. Perhaps occasionally. Tends to remove
>iron and other expensive micro-nutrients.
Never heard of this.  Guess I'll let the cartrage expire (a week or so) and
just leave the tube.

>not much room in a 10 gal for deeper substrate. Have you read the stuff
>about laterite or the suggestions for vermiculite? A little of that would 
>be good in the bottom layer of a larger tank.

A little.  I am not fond of messing with the substrate if it is not
necessary.  The Bio-filtration goes nuts for about a day if I do (Tank
clouds, ect..)

>>                 1 Pleco (fast outgrowing tank..)
>I'd loose this fellow; not good with plants. How about a coryadorus and
>a couple of otocinclus? I think I'd be tempted to just have live bearers
>with your harder water. I think the Pearl Gourami will outgrow a 10 gal.
>tank too. It's so tempting to want a few different fish but wiser to
>get a second tank or two.

Except for uprooting the Lilaeopsis by moving around it, he has left the
plants alone so far.  He is getting too big though.  Maybe a 20 or 30 with
some more cats and some driftwood...

>>         pH is about (guessing because the test kit uses Bromothyl blue)
>>         7.6-8.0 and VERY resistant to lowering (2 7.0 Ph Right tablets had
>> NO effect)
>Let me guess; I think your water is coming from an underground source or
>possibly being purified from a river so you have hard, alkaline water. What's
>the pH out of the tap? I think you've got way too much aeration
City water, don't know the source (river probably, I live just outside of
St. Louis on the Illinois side. ). pH out of the tap is beyound the accurate
measurement of the Bromothyl test kit (Alkaline).

>happening for the CO2 to do much good. I'd suggest soaking some water in peat
>overnight to reduce the hardness. With plants, enough light and some CO2
>you don't need the heavy biological filtration and there is enough O2 drawn
>into the water for a light fish load by a very small water trickle at the
>surface from a power filter. A hood or preferably glass top will help reduce
Glass top, with just cutouts for power lines, ect.  

>CO2 losses to the air too. What kind of bubble rate do you see out of the
>yeast bottle? How much did the pH drop after you started using it? With soft
>water, a pH of 6.5 is pretty good. However, if things are working for you
>at the higher alkalinity, don't argue with success.
The pH is at about 7.2-7.6 now.  Seems to be stable (see reply in #102).
The bubble rate is hard to tell since the impeller is chopping it up, but
there is a constant stream of tiny bubbles going down the lift tube, and it
seems to bubble up from the gravel at about the same rate.

>Yes, more tanks are better. Try to go for 18" tanks that give you more
>height and room. Two 27 gal tanks might just fit. (If you've got the room.)
I have PLENTY of room to expand.  Basement room my parents are planning to
finish off this fall (which means I can have water, drains, and power put
where I like! YES!)

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