re: Biogenic Decalcification

> From: DAWB.DSKPO33B at DSKBGW1_ITG.ti.com (David Webb)
> q: Is is possible that the CaCO3 tends to buffer the water to a higher
> pH?  It sure looks like it based on the equation.  I think I remember
> something along those lines, but I'm not sure.  If so, this would
> probably overcome the slight increase in CO2 at night and keep the pH
> from swinging down.

I don't think the equation in the book that I quoted was 100% accurate
and/or applicable.  But ...

When BDC occurs, the carbonate chemistry is essentially over and 
done with.  The CaCO3 is coming out of solution and is no longer
affecting the water chemistry.

IMHO, the levels of CO2 due to respiration at night would not be high
enough to cause much of a pH swing.