Newbie Question(s)

Ok, here's the deal - I started my first tank two months ago knowing
absolutly nothing. 
Now, everything seems ok (fish wise at least.)  I added some plants a month
ago and (details follow) need to know what I can do (preferably without
ripping the tank appart - my fish hate that "beer pitcher motel" ;-).  My
setup is:

      * 10 Gal. Tank
      * UGF/RUGF (1 plate has the standard uplift with a carbon filter, the
other plate
                  has a Penguin 550 Powerhead with the reverse undergravel kit)
      * 1 Liter DIY suger/yeast CO2 generator hooked into the venturi intake
of the 
      * 50 watt submerged heater (76 F) 
      * 2 small air pumps (1 for the UGF and 1 for an airstone in the tank)
      * About 1.5" - 2" (varies front to back) of gravel (Brown quartz pea
gravel stuff)
      * Fish :  3 Tiger Barbs
                1 Pearl Gourami
                1 Sunburst Platy
                1 Pleco (fast outgrowing tank..)
      * Plants :1 Lilaeopsis Novae-Zelandiae (Common name?)
                1 Hygrophilia Angustifolia
                1 Anacharis bundle
                1 rather large Green Fanwart bundle (Cabomba Caroliniana ??)
                2 Rooted Palm looking plants that I cannot Identify

        pH is about (guessing because the test kit uses Bromothyl blue) about 
        7.6-8.0 and VERY resistant to lowering (2 7.0 Ph Right tablets had
NO effect)
        Hard water (No test kit yet).  

The fish seem happy (barbs are REAL red lately.  Noses finaly colored!) 
Now, I am also using Tetra FloraPride (K2O 3%, Fe+++ 0.02%) as directed
(inital 1 ml per 1 gallon, 1 ml per 2 gallons for water changes (2
Liters/Week).  So, am I doing ok, or am I headed for on big compost pond?
Are their any newbie net-resources? Oh, I also have a 2 48" Aqua-Glo bulbs
(Fixture is mounted about 6" over the water surface (and I plan to add 2
more tanks under it, BTW ;-).  Well?


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