re: Biogenic Decalcification

>Even though the text doesn't exactly match the equation, I think they
>are saying that KH is decreased (which would cause pH to drop) but the
>resulting free CO2 is also removed by plants and diffusion into the air, 
>causing a net rise in pH.  

I follow you on this.

I have one question and one observation:

q: Is is possible that the CaCO3 tends to buffer the water to a higher pH?  It 
sure looks like it based on the equation.  I think I remember something along 
those lines, but I'm not sure.  If so, this would probably overcome the slight 
increase in CO2 at night and keep the pH from swinging down.

o: I think that when I had my worst Bio-Decalc problem, I was using vinegar to 
try and stabilize the pH.  Maybe my sudden pH drops were caused by an 
overabundance of acetate and an absence of bicarbonate, or maybe just an 
overabundance of acetate.

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