PH and Syngonium

Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to thanks everyone who helped me
with my "PH going down" problem. I added half a teaspoon of Natrium
Bicarbonate over four days and my pH goes up to 7. Now my
challenge is to maintain it between 6.5-7.0. I also added another 
20W of Triton bulb and boom!, lots of brown and green spot algae
over the glass. Maybe I'll have to look into CO2 injection for my
plant to out-compete those algae. BTW, my Nitrate is just about 

Secondly I need some opinion on Syngonium Albolineatum. I went to
a stream yesterday and found some Anubias, java moss and this
Syngonium. There are two bunch of leaves on their creeping thing
(don't know what to call it). The plants is still small, about
5cm tall. My question is how can I transplant the plant from its
creeping thing to gravel in my tank.

Thanks in advance. rgds..kbkoh