Lace Plants of Jon Wilson <fwd>

> From: "Wilson, Jon,       INET  ----" <jwilson at b856s3_ssc.af.mil>
> Date: Tue, 30 May 95 11:52:00 PDT
> Subject: RE:pH test & Organic substrates:
> > From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com (Stephen Pushak)
> > Jon Wilson sez he raises lace plants using only goldfish poop 
> > I don't think he's on this mailing list 'cause he responded to a post
> > on the newsgroup. 
> I provided some additional info to Stephen, I assume he will post
> it. (Since he posted info from the last reply)
> Jon Wilson (who is obviously here  :-)
Oops! :%) 

Well, I like to get permission before posting people's stuff
so I'll consider that as such. Here are Jon's messages:

This is not going to be much help, but...

>1) how the seeds mature and how long

My lace plants send up seed stalks a couple times a year. I usually cut them 
off before they mature. It has been my experience that this improves their 
chances of living another year.

>2) how to collect same
never tried

>3) techniques for germination
It happens by itself

>4) techniques for transplanting
same as everything else

>5) substrates for seedlings
>6) substrates for mature bulbs which you wish to fatten up for the
>next season
My mature plants have created seedlings that are growing in the same 
substrate. Black Beauty Sand.

>7) techniques for hibernation (if used)

>working assumptions:
>CO2 injection, soft water, multiple dedicated aquariums, fairly high
>organic substrate w. laterite for mature bulbs & plants, probably no
>fish, either UG heating or reverse UG filtration, relatively high light
>intensities, regular water changes and good filtration.

deviations from assumptions:

1 tank (220 gal)
no laterite
very destructive goldfish (yes, they eat the lace plants, but new leaves 
come out every week. ("carp" fertilization :-)
wet/drys, no heating

worse yet: pH 7.65

** and the next:

spush at hcsd_hac.com

> Glad to see I've finally found some fellow lace plant growers.
> How many years have you been able to keep them going?

3 years

> Are your bulbs quite large?
~3" diameter

> Do you know what variety you have? (leaf shape, width, holes in the
> leaves, some, all, none, leaf color)
The leaves are elliptical and grow to about 20" in length, 3" in width with
~ 1/8-1/4" holes, there seem to be two varieties, one is a deep green, the
other is a bright green.

> Do you gravel wash?

> Use UG filter or heater?

> I assume Black Beauty sand is black quartz sand?
Yes, it is also slightly magnetic.

> Have you been able to get siblings off the parents vegetatively?
> I suspect maybe that is how your seedlings start? (no seeds)
I assume so, they just appear every now and then, some survive,
others become fish food.

> How old is your tank? Did it have clean sand at first?
tank is ~6 years, sand is ~3 years

> How much light?
two 72" 160w actinic suns

> You don't use CO2? no wonder your pH is high. I've just started this
> year and the difference is phenomenal esp. algae control.
Yes, I use CO2. (Sandpoint w/controller)

> Course you're not supplementing fertilizer right? ("carp fert.")
Occasional doses of "Florish" and a pond fertilizer whose name
escapes me when growth slows.


Jon Wilson