RE:pH test & Organic substrates:

> From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com (Stephen Pushak)
> > I'd be interested to know what (if any) responses you got to the post 
> > made to the aquatic plant list last week regarding Organic substrates.
> It seems not too many people use high organic substrates.
> I'm interested in them for Aponogeton madagascariensis.
> Joh Wilson sez he raises lace plants using only goldfish poop for 
> in a 220 gal tank w/o laterite & pH 7.65!!
> He calls it carp fertilizer. :-)
> I don't think he's on this mailing list 'cause he responded to a post
> on the newsgroup.

A minor correction here, I occasionally use Seachem Flourish, but
the primary fertilization is organic waste.

Realistically, I consider myself fortunate that the lace plants can
grow fast enough to keep the ravenous goldfish at bay. I hate watching
them rip large chunks off, but I just keep reminding myself that
I grow the plants for them.

I provided some additional info to Stephen, I assume he will post
it. (Since he posted info from the last reply)

Jon Wilson (who is obviously here  :-)