Brush Algae

> From: AAronson at aol_com
> My Setup:
> 37gal., pH 5.8-6.5, NH3: none, NO3 ~50ppm, NO2: none, KH <3ppm, filtered by
> two weeks., fish: mostly tetras (9), 2 livebearers, 2 plecos, 3 corys, 1
> My question is, what else can I do to erradicate my [algae] problem?

Your nitrates are very high - something in the 10-15 ppm range would
be much better.  Reduce your fish load and feeding AND change water
more frequently. 

Good plant tank conditions are also suitable for algae.  Thriving fast
growing plants will tend to outcompete the algae for nutrients but
there will always be some around.  Your plants are all slow growing
and will NOT outcompete algae.  They probably don't need all the light
you have and probably don't need fertilizing. 

Your best bet is to add some algae eating fish (plecos are overrated, 
IMHO).  I would suggest some true Siamese Algae Eaters (if you can
find some) and 1 or 2 Farlowellas acus.  A small school of Otocinclus sp.  
would help but not that much.