Brush Algae

My Setup:
37gal., pH 5.8-6.5, NH3: none, NO3 ~50ppm, NO2: none, KH <3ppm, filtered by
Eheim 2213 totally biological, powerhead for circ., 78xF, light: 3 x 20W
tubes (Triton, PowerGlo & Vitalight) 7 hours per day, 1 tsp. Kent fert. every
two weeks., fish: mostly tetras (9), 2 livebearers, 2 plecos, 3 corys, 1
Gourami, plants: 12 var. Crypts, 4 var. tall Anubias, 1 A. Coffeefolia, 3
small A. Nana, 1 large A. Nana

I have had a significant amount of that dark greenish blue brushy algae in my
tank since I added a beautiful Anubias about a year ago.  The amount has
waxed and wained but seems to be at a recent peak, even collecting itself on
my heater.

Being dedicated to my plants I added the third bulb (the vitalight) two
months ago.  BOOM!  Algae goes wild and now includes small green dots
decorating my tank glass.  Today I did a 50% water change (overdue) and
clipped back the larger Anubias leaves that were covered by the beard stuff.
 In addition I vacuumed the gravel (gently, of course) and rinsed out my
filter in it's own water.

My question is, what else can I do to erradicate my problem?  I am going to
wait and see over the next month and hope that I can increase my light
duration now that I have eliminated the vitalight (a full spectrum bulb).  I
have heard everything from starting anew to adding CO2.  What is everyone's
experiences?  I would love to get rid of this &$@#&-ing stuff once and for

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