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> >>Subject: Urgent help needed!!! PH going downnn....
> Your plants may be de-calcifying the water.  Actually, this should be 
> de-carbonating the water IMO, but this is the term.
Yes, it's not uncommon for pH to Rise dramatically if insufficent CO2
is present due to "biogenic decalcification". Vallisnaria are really good
at this trick. However, pH dropping wouldn't result from this I think.
If he's using CO2 then he needs to have some KH buffering. I'd suggest
putting some of the substate (and some of anything else in the tank) into
some neutral water and see what happens to the pH. It wasn't the driftwood
so I don't know. I think Shaji was right though. The Natrium bicarbonate
sounds like a good idea. Where can I get some of that?? ;-)

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