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>Subject: Urgent help needed!!! PH going downnn....

>I need urgent help and advised about how to control my PH. It keeps
>going down. I thought it was the drift wood that causing the problem but
>turned out to be not. My PH is going down by 0.5 a day. Below is a run
>down of events to help in your analysis(?). I add half teaspoon of
>Natrium Bicarbonate last night. Is this the right thing to do? Can I put
>limestone rock in the tank? etc....

I don't know what Natrium Bicarbonate is.  I've always used Sodium Bicarbonate.


>Water Test:
>       Tap water PH is 7.5

What's your KH?  A very low KH means a low acid buffering capacity which can
cause your kind of problem.  Also, what's the CO2 level in your tap water?  If
CO2 in your tap is very low (which is not uncommon) your pH will drop as the
water absorbs CO2.
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