Advice for new 350gal Fresh Plant Tank

Hello All,
I have recently designed and built a custom home with a 350
gallon Acrylic Aquarium. I previously had a 220 all-glass 
salt tank in Ft. Lauderdale. Having relocated to Ft. Worth,
I have received sticker shock on the cost of everything 
related to Salt Water Tanks. Therefore I would like to try 
my hand at a large FreshWater Plant tank. At this time I am
considering African Ciclids, but can be persuaded to change!
I have not bought the lighting for this tank yet, but I know
that Metal Halide and Blue Actinic seem to be the way to go.'
Also, I need a good source for an undergravel heating system.
The dimensions of this tank are 96"L x 30"W x 28"H. 
Any suggestions would surely help. I am 36 years old and have
been in the hobby for 25 years, so I am not a novice.
Thanxxx in advance!! Jeff