CO2 Reactor

I'm not really interested in increasing the CO2's length of "submersion" by
forcing the spray bar to spray it out at a low level in the tank--I'm more
interested in coming up with a system (using pressure) to dissolve the CO2
forcibly....rather than just introducing the CO2 and hoping it dissolves via
long exposure to water (like I'm doing right now).

If I wanted to, I could probably buy the full ORP units and hook up a
fully-automated system to prevent such accidents, but I just can't justify
the expense.

I called That Fish Place--they do not sell any.  The manager there suggested
an oxygen reactor--but it costs $120. (the cheapy cost $90) and while that
may be efficient, I was hoping to keep it to around $50-60 tops...and have it
be an inobtrusive component in the aquarium--not some big 18" white and blue

Hmmm.... your comments are appreciated.  I'm glad to know I'm not the only
one who faces these dilemmas.