Aponogeton madagascariensis is flowering

Happiness! One of the two plants from Peter Staehler has a flower stalk
streaking toward the water surface. The growth rate is really awesome;
in 48 hrs, it has risen 9 cm! During the active photo period in the 
middle of the day I estimated growth at .5 cm/hr!! So I don't think I will
be moving this particular plant to a new container or home until after
these seeds mature. This is excellent. You can keep an Aponogeton for months
hoping that it will send up that flower stalk (in vain) or it will oblige you
in the first month that you have it! Anyone have any ideas about how long
it takes for the seeds to mature? Is there a danger they may drop and be lost?
Should they be dried or left wet to hopefully sprout? Any suggestions on
the treatment of seedlings? Thanks in advance for suggestions. :-)

In regards to shipping Aponogetons; the results of Peter & my experiment seems
pretty conclusive. The dried bulbs that he shipped all now show a fair bit of
fungus attack which the larger wet ones did not. The wet ones were shipped
with the leaves attached in inflated plastic bags and only a little water.
The old leaves decayed a lot however the bulbs continued to sprout small
pinkish white shoots which quickly unfolded to become real leaves after a
few days in the aquarium. My theory is that the live plants are able to
protect themselves against fungal attack perhaps by enzymes which they
evolved to protect themselves during the dormant phase. I have seen dried
Aponogeton bulbs of other species that were able to sprout; perhaps these
were sun dried. Live and learn.

                    -- Steve Pushak 
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