Highly efficient CO2 reactors

>From: CrypDude at aol_com
>Subject: Highly Efficient CO2 reactors.
>I'm hoping some of you more technically experienced aquatic horticulturists
>can help point me in the right direction for purchasing/building a very
>efficient CO2 reactor.


>Anyway, I'm willing to spend $60-$70 tops on a system to maximize my CO2
>usage to prevent waste and increase the amount of time between refills. 


>Dave. (a.k.a. Fish Dude)

I have my CO2 bubbling into the intake of a canister filter (magnum 350) and 
have the discharge plumbed to a spray bar that runs across the bottom of the 
back of the tank.  This results in all of the CO2 being dissolved and 
delivered far from the surface to maximize the time it spends in the water 
before it could diffuse back out into the air.  Because the spray bar is 
nearly 4 feet long the dishcarge is well spread out so no excessive currents 
result (sometimes I can't tell if its running or not w/o opening up the 
cabinet doors).  Anyways, FWIW, you could easily pick up a canister filter 
for under $70 and then you would not only have an excellent reactor but 
additional filtration.