Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #78

> From: WORKINGSW at aol_com
> Also I have a question on the plant list at the KRIB. Example below:
> Rotala Wallichii (B2,D,G,R,Y)
>                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>                  What does the above stand for? Where can I get the 
>                  lagend for it.
Did some dummy :-) forget to include the index?

 A: The Complete Book of Aquarium Plants.  Allgayer, R., Teton, J. (1987)
An: Hobbyist Guide to the Natural Aquarium.  Andrews, C. (1991)
B1: Aquarium Atlas.  Baensch, H.A., Riehl, R. (1986)
B2: Aquarium Atlas, Volume 2.  Baensch, H.A., Riehl, R. (1993)
 D: System for a Problem Free Aquarium.  Dennerle (1990)
 G: Nature and Aquarium.  Gesting, B. (1993)
 J: A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants.  James, B. (1986)
 R: Aquarium Plants.  Rataj, K., Horeman, T. (1977)
S1: Water Plants in the Aquarium. Scheurmann, I. (1987)
S2: Aquarium Plants Manual. Scheurmann, I. (1993)
 V: Vierke's Aquarium Book. Vierke, J. (1986)
 W: Aquarium Plants, Windelov's Tropica Catalogue.  (1987)
 Y: Picture Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants.  Yamada, H. (1989)