re:DIY CO2 in 90 gal.

>>I'd really like to set up a fully automated CO2 system but can't afford it 
in the meantime, I'm thinking about trying the yeast/sugar water setup just to
play around.  I'd like to bubble the CO2 into my canister filter intake
(Fluval 403), but I'm concerned about the depth of my tank.  My intake is
close to 18 inches under water.  Will the DIY setup produce sufficient
pressure?  Thanks in advance.
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Mark A. Thompson - rrs0062 at ibm_net<<

Pressure?  No problem...  
I've actually had an improperly ventilated (tightly sealed) CO2 generator 
explode in my apartment while I was at work.  It had been used as a science 
experiment for my Pioneer Club kids (like boy scouts) and I hadn't figured out 
whether I wanted to hook it up to a tank.  A CO2 generator with no leaks in the 
plumbing can easily produce enough pressure to get CO2 to the bottom of your 
tank, especially if it can explode a glass bottle.  Any ventilation mechanism 
(the air line to the tank) will prevent an explosion like mine.  Also, plastic 
is safer than glass.

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