Re: KH, pH & CO2 and Mailorder plant places

Re: Buffering KH & lowering pH

I've been having trouble maintaining KH while decresaing pH so the recent
discussion has been very enlightening for me.  Thank-you David Webb for your
CO2 recipe - I'd been making mine in smaller bottles with less mixture so I
probably was not getting good enough bubble production, I will increase my
systems now.   Also, David, I have never seen mention of using some baking
soda before - I will try that, though maybe half what you suggested since
I have hard, alkaline tap water to start with (pH 8.2, 350 ppm CaCO3).

Also, I will try heating up some of my existing bottles as suggested by someone

Re: Acid Buffer

> >From: George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com>
> >Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 16:48:39 -0600
> >Subject: Re: Acid buffer
> >
> >Any idea of what is in the buffer?  Some folks need a way to reduce KH
> >and it looks like this may be it.
> What about Muriatic acid?  It'll lower KH and I've not seen any harmful side-
> effect.
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> Mark A. Thompson - rrs0062 at ibm_net
This Seachem Phosphate-free acid buffer definetly lowered pH and KH so I'd
reccomend it for anyone looking for that kind of product.  However, DON'T EVER
combine it with their phosphate-free neutral buffer as was reccomended on the
bottle of the first stuff I bought.  It causes a cloudiness that takes many
many water changes to get rid of.  The new bottles say just combine it with
the alkaline buffer if you want a certain pH that's not too acidic.

Also, this stuff is a purplish-pink color - any indication that it's Muriatic

Re: MailOrder Source for quality plants

Doug Huskey (Doug_Huskey at notes_seagate.com) on the aquarium listserver wrote:
"A great source of mail-order plants is Aquarium Driftwood, P.O. Box 91491,
Mobile, AL 36691 (205) 639-0703.  Owned by Jay Miller, he will send you a
catalog describing all plants with drawings and specially priced assortments."

Someone else posted an 800 number of 1-800-260-6610.  I have not ordered from
them myself, but I don't think Doug would mind if you contacted him & asked
him some specifics about plant quality etc if you're interested.