Controling DIY CO2 Generators

	I dont know if anybody has experianced this b4 but I thought
	I might as well mention it...as Ive never read/heard about 
	it before. I was staring at my tank checking to see if everything
	was fine when I noticed that no CO2 was being produced....
	The onle thing that was different was that my room is much
	cooler now that my airconditioner has been fixed..thinking
	that it might be the temperature I put my reading lamp next to
	the CO2 bottle(the 2L Pepsi container) and sure enough
	it started producing CO2 again...I also discovered that
	the more heat I direct towards the bottle the more CO2 it produced.
	For example..placing the bulb at a 2" distance from the bottle
	I was able to get 4-8 bubbles every 2-3 seconds....the further
	away I placed thelamp the less CO2 it produced.
	Controling the amount of CO2 produced by controling the temperature
	seemed kinda cool. I wonder if I can place a small heater
	inside a thermos containing the yeats/sugar mixture and control
	the amonut of CO2 produced...whaddya think? 
	Mebbe I shold patent this! ;)
	(yes i have nothing better to do now that my exams are over) ;)

	- Ghazanfar Khan Ghori