Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #74

>>From: pevad at islandnet_com (Paul Evad)
>>I was looking at flourescent fixtures, but the only ones I could find are
>>very ugly. So the guy at the store suggested some Grow & Show spotlights.
>>Has anyone used these? are they worth looking into? How many would I need?

>You mean the Grow & Show incandescent bulb or the fluorescent bulb ?
>I tried both. The incandescent bulb produced yellowish color which makes the
>tank looks strange. The fluorescent bulb makes the tank look dim.

I was asking about the incandescent ones. I was thinking of maybe 2 or 3
hanging above the tank about 1-1/12 feet away from the glass. 

The intention is to give the tank light, as well as the plants around the tank. 

- Paul

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